“Icariz looked out across the magic blighted landscape that had once been his home. Huurek had been one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in Ephaesia. Moored at the junction between three rivers and a natural harbor, Huurek was overwhelmed with good fortune. The Great Cataclysm had changed all that. Wild magic gushed from the torn fabric of reality, turning this once shining spectacle into a gruel of chaos. Someone would pay for this atrocity. It was only a matter of time.”

Ephaesia, a vibrant continent with a booming populace, prosperous trade, and no war. Or at least it had been. Over the past ten years, considerable research has gone into making magic more accessible to the general population at large. Indeed, once seemingly difficult magical items have become increasingly easy to come by as magic users of all types have found their powers more generally accessible. Even the noblemen and noblewomen have taken up the call as part of their general education.

Then reality was sundered.

The Great Cataclysm of Huurek rendered the metropolis and the surrounding land a blight land of rampant wild magic. Nothing has been the same ever since then. Whispers abound of the political tensions between the parties of The Steel Arbiters and the Blood Raven Pact; despite the Black Log Treaty that prevents any such powers from going to war. Disease runs rampant through the city streets, carrying the young and the old to their graves. Alleged sightings of the Still Born God manifesting in towns churn through the gossip mill.

If nothing else, it’s certainly an interesting time to be alive.

The Zenith of Herestra

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