WaltersHearts4_1_.jpg In Ephaesian lore, Kade is known as the God of War, Knowledge, and Industry. Kade is often represented as a leader of the aspects that he manifests in, demonstrating prowess through experience. Kade is thought to be amicable of the Gods, although this is hotly debated by scholars.


Legends abound of The Battle Librarian manifesting on the Material Plane. Battles that had seemed all but lost suddenly find the tide turned with the appearance of an old ferocious unstoppable warrior. But when the fighting has finished, the warrior is no where to be found, even among the corpses. Other tales abound of researchers who are stuck on a particularly difficult problem when an old scholar suggests the simplest solution, leading to leaps and bounds in research. Once again, the scholar is nowhere to be found when the researchers goes to give thanks. Indeed, even smiths spin tales of taking on old apprentices out of desperation, only to find that the old man is more talented than the smith.

Knights of Kade

The Knights of Kade are the worshipers of the God Kade, often brought together in large university temples. Debate is highly encouraged among the worshipers of Kade and there is no single doctrine which is thought of as “true”. For this reason, regional differences not only exist, but the Knights of Kade are considered “splintered” in their belief system.


Worshipers of Kade are often found among the lower and middle class in Ephaesia given the jobs which they perform. Worshipers are often identified by their unique armor and weapons that represent a worshipers unique crafting style. As if this wasn’t enough, worshipers are always heavy leaden with books, oftentimes going so far as to have a separate satchel for their collection of written works. Worshipers of Kade are also considered by some to be the most noble of the religions in Ephaesia. Worshipers follow a set of teachings referred to as The Path of Constants. Specifically in the teachings is a code of honor which all worshipers must adhere to.


Admission to the Knights of Kade is open to anyone, but all potential initiates must first prove their dedication. All potential initiates are apprenticed for three years under a multitude of instructors in as many occupations. All initiates must work as a scholar, a craftsman, and a warrior during this period. Although the specializations of each subject are the choice of the initiate, they must work with every type of instructor available during this period. Those who complete the lengthy process are assigned to a division in the Knights of Kade and given the rank of Private.


Worshipers of Kade must obey the order of a superior officer unless that order is in direct contradiction to another tenet. Worshipers must protect rare or unique knowledge, at any cost. Worshipers must adhere to The Path of Constants. As the saying goes, “To compromise one’s honor, is to forfeit one’s life.” Worshipers must constantly be in the search of new knowledge and must study for at least an hour every day. Worshipers only use tools they have made themselves.


The Knights of Kade are organized into a regimented militaristic council. Every member of the Knights of Kade is given a rank upon entrance into the order. Climbing the ranks in the order requires recognition by one’s peers, regardless of the division in which one works. In addition to a clear ranking system, the organization is divided into three distinct divisions that work in concert. The divisions are as follows: warriors, craftsmen, and scholars. While each division is specialized into a particular branch of work, members from all divisions are encouraged to diversify their studies at least minimally. The council of rulers is composed of one Grand Marshal from each division and each is ultimately responsible for their division across all of Ephaesia.

Scholastic Temples

The temples of Kade are the foundations of life for the Knights of Kade. All members are invited to be housed inside of these fortress monasteries and the majority of members do so. The temples are constructed and designed by the best architects and engineers that the Knights of Kade has to offer, with the intention that they last the test of time. Given that the Knights of Kade believe in the recovery of rare, forgotten or unique knowledge; temples of Kade are also great repositories of knowledge. Many serve as the local university for major cities to encourage shared knowledge and also as recruitment centers for the best and brightest.


Although the Knights of Kade have not participated in any wars since The Fever War of 4593 AR, many believe they are responsible for the recent political tensions between the Steel Arbiters and the Blood Raven Pact. Historically, it is evident that the Knights of Kade prosper most during war time and many allude to this fact when discussion of war arises. Of course, the Knights of Kade deny such claims emphatically.


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